Explain the meaning of hosting and its types, as well as useful tips for you as a beginner

Explain the meaning of hosting and its types, as well as useful tips for you as a beginner

 In this article we will learn about web hosting meaning, meandering from the origin of the internet to the present day, and finally, we will leave you tips that will get you started.

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what hosting meaning

Many people visit dozens of web pages a day, and although they can indeed know a lot about computers in general, few know what is behind a web page and they are also unaware of the elements that allow viewing information on the Internet.

For if you are not familiar with the topic, hosting meaning, is in simple terms a computer in a data center somewhere in the world where staying files you're either for use as a file hosting remote or set of files that define a website.

This computer is not a computer like the one we have in our homes, unlike ours, this computer has hardware, or in other words, physical elements such as extremely powerful RAM, processor, and hard disk, which allow us to host a lot of information and run many processes at the same time.

By definition, hosting meaning is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, which includes video, music, images, and any other content accessible via the web. Hosting is often compared to "hotel accommodation", where each person occupies a space 
(room). In this case, web hosting hosts web pages and everything that revolves around it.

Types of Web Hosting

In web hosting, we find several types of web hosting, among the most named, are shared hosting, which is a server that houses several users, hence the term shared. Hardware and software resources are shared with many other clients of the same company, on the same server. If the server is well managed and is constantly monitored by the company, it is usually one of the cheapest types of web hosting for users. 

It is recommended for small companies and projects that do not have great demands on the application or configuration level of their websites.

In addition to this, we can find dedicated hosting that is an exclusive dedicated server for you, where you have full access to the machine as an administrator, and where you can host your projects in the best way, without restrictions of any kind, and also without sharing the server with nobody. The word 'dedicated' comes from the fact that the machine is 100% dedicated to the customer and no one else. They are used for large projects, when the application needs are complex, or for high-traffic sites.

The VPS on the other hand is a type of accommodation that allows a virtualized machine to run inside a webserver dedicated. Dedicated can host multiple virtual machines, each with its operating system and assigned hardware and network resources. Thus it is possible to have a virtual private server for very little money, which ensures privacy, and above all complete access to the machine to work on the needs of your applications.

Cloud Hosting is another type of hosting that has arisen in popularity in útlimos years, it is a type of web hosting that allows joining farms where the hardware and software to act as one, this provides high availability and improvements fail-safe hardware/software, increasing the uptime of the applications. This type of hosting is also often known as 'cloud web hosting, or 'cloud VPS, to refer to VPS created under Cloud environments.

In the early days of the internet, if you wanted to host a website you had to own your server to do so. These were expensive and difficult to maintain, which is why the web hosting industry was not what it is now. Buy a domain,

Time was in charge of making the internet part of our lives and with it the web hosting industry. Every day more people are looking for companies that offer web hosting to be able to publish their site and have an internet presence.

Companies that provide hosting now have very large data centers at their disposal with hundreds of rack servers and network lines that support large information traffic. Which allows you to host many users who host your sites, applications, or information.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, and other large companies need entire data centers to be able to store their information, in addition to this, they locate data centers in different parts of the world, to achieve greater response and lower load times between the requests that a user makes to the server.

The use of web hosting has several purposes, these can be informative, lucrative, for advertising and marketing campaigns, to provide a serious character to the company, or to publish own experiences or personal notes, all of this demands a space physical which includes the web hosting.

The conclusion from the definition of hosting meaning

To be able to hire hosting, you must take into account some very important points, the disk space, the transfer, and the specifications that your site requires, that is, PHP MySQL, etc. When we talk about disk space, we refer to the space that you will have available to store the information you want.

It is also important that you make sure before hiring that the hosting provider company gives you real 24-hour Technical Support, it is especially useful when you do not have much knowledge about the world of the internet and websites, having good support from your provider will help you keep your website stable and fast every time.

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